Job Analysis Part 2

For this post, I am focusing solely on the more realistic of the two dream jobs mentioned in my previous post. I am focusing on the Librarian position available with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Skills that I see as being necessary are general library skills, including: research, training, briefing, technical services (acquisitions, cataloging, collection development, special collections), and customer services. All of these areas are mentioned in the CIA posting. I feel that they are skills easily obtained while earning a Master of Library and Information Science degree and while working in a library setting, be it public, academic, medical, legal, corporate, etc. After working in a public library for three years, I feel that I already possess general knowledge of all of these skills. This knowledge will only grow as I earn my degree and continue working.

In applying for this position, I would make sure that my resume clearly illustrates how I meet all of these skills – giving examples of each where I could within my resume and cover letter. In addition, I would choose one of the aforementioned skills (in my case research) and make sure that I highlight that as one of my many strengths.

I would mention in my resume that I was a member of the Alpha Mu Gamma National Foreign Language Honor Society in University, but would not stress it as a main selling point because my French is desperately lacking. To build myself in this area, I would research what languages are most needed within the CIA and learn one or two.

I think that getting as much experience in the public sector would serve me well, as would completing my Master of Library and Information science degree with a concentration in research (or related field). I also think that getting some government experience would be a good thought – even if it’s just an internship or volunteer work. Something that may give me an advantage.

There is a broad salary range ($48,682 to $95,026). I have to believe that is either based on experience or that the starting salary is $48,682 going up in specified steps over a set period of time and capping out at $95,026. That would be a good interview question.

I think that offering to be willing to relocate would be appreciated in this position. Therefore, I think that a mature family or single person would probably be more seriously considered.

I would not be concerned with the medical exam, psychological exam, polygraph interview, extensive background investigation, or drug test. Perhaps this would give me an advantage over a large part of our population. I am a U.S. citizen, so this is a non-issue.

I revisited my Personal Goals and Objectives post from early in the semester. I still feel that this post 100% fits where I am at in my life. This will remain my focus. If I were to seriously consider working for the CIA in the future, the only thing I would give more thought to would be reconsidering my certificates, getting some political experience, and learning one or two new languages in addition to earning my Master of Library and Information Science. I feel that I am on the right path, even if that path leads me to a life of espionage.

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