Comparative Analysis of Professional Journals

The two journals chosen are the Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication and the Journal of Library Administration. These journals are both peer-reviewed, which I think is very important.

A peer-reviewed publication is one that is written by a scholar or expert. The author’s credentials are given and sources used in the articles are cited. The articles are detailed and focused in a certain area of study. Both of the journals I chose are focused in the field of Library and Information Science.

Popular articles are often written by freelance writers or journalists. They are sometimes unsigned, so we don’t know who wrote them or what, if any, credentials they possess. Articles are attention-grabbing, using lots of pictures, and appeal to a mass group of people.

Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication (JLSC)

Frequency: Quarterly

Intended Audience: Library Professionals – Specifically, scholarly communication librarians, institutional repository managers, digital archivists, digital data managers and related professionals.

Kinds of Materials Published: Scholarly Communication, Open Access, Library as Publisher, Library/Press Partnerships, Policy Issues, Digital Collection Management, Institutional and Discipline-Specific Repositories, Digital Curation, Technological Developments and Infrastructure, Intellectual Property, Resources, Skills, and Training, Interdisciplinary or International Perspectives

Interesting Characteristics: This journal covers an area that is quite foreign to me, but of great interest. “JLSC is particularly interested in the intersection of librarianship and publishing, and the resulting roles for libraries in both content dissemination and content creation” (JLSC, Aims & Scope section, para. 2). This journal is open-access, so you do not need a subscription to view the articles. Simply visit

Journal of Library and Information Science (2013). Aims & scope. Retrieved from

Journal of Library Administration

Frequency: Eight Times Per Year

Intended Audience: Library Professionals – Specifically, library administrators/management.

Kinds of Materials Published: “The Journal of Library Administration provides information that administrators need to efficiently and effectively manage their libraries. The journal seeks out the most modern advances being made in professional management and applies them to the library setting” Taylor & Francis, Aims & Scope section, para. 1).

Interesting Characteristics: “Many volumes of the journal are thematic, which give you detailed, practical coverage of a specific topic in each issue” (Taylor & Francis, Aims & Scope section, para. 2). Articles are written from authors around the world and the journal is internationally recognized. You must have a subscription to view journal articles.

Taylor & Francis (2013). Aims & scope. Retrieved from

Important Similarities: Peer-reviewed, directly related to the Library and Information Science field, deal with relevant issues, future-focused

Important Differences: Frequency of publication, cost of publication (free vs. subscription), cover different areas of Library and Information Science field (information vs. administration)

The Library and Information Science field is a very broad field that can be covered in numerous ways by a variety of authors/sources. The field is evolving, and with this change come more opportunities for areas of concentration. Librarians are a well-educated bunch versed in the exchange of information. There is an ample supply of communication outlets.

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