Blogging about Professional Blogs

I really put a lot of time into figuring out which two blogs I was going to invest my time and energy. I ended up choosing two that really seemed to complement each other. Both have a variety of authors, so you get a lot of good posts and feedback. They also cover a lot of territory related to the Library and Information Science field. The information shared is relevant and interesting.


Blog #1 – In the Library with the Lead Pipe

2012 Salem Press Library Blog Award

This blog focuses on anything related directly to libraries. It is fun and clever. While the posts only come every other Wednesday, they are full of good information. My favorites are listed below:

 “What I Wish I’d Known About Building Teen Services From Scratch”

This post was very relevant to me since I am the YA Librarian and have worked hard to build a program at Zauel, I was very interested in the ideas and advice that the author shared. I really liked the idea of shelving books face out to increase circulation. I want to start doing this. I, like the author am a big numbers person. I collect any and all data I can to support/prove why things do and don’t work. I highly recommend this post if you work with young adults in any capacity.

 “Adventures in Rhetoric: The Traditional Library”

This post relates directly to our class. The author discusses what a traditional library is and what the future of libraries will be. Worth a glance.

 “Killing Sir Walter Scott: A Philosophical Exploration of Weeding”

Who doesn’t love weeding? Am I right? If you’ve never weeded anything but your garden, you’ll find this post full of good information. If you’ve recently weeded or have an upcoming weeding project in a collection that you’re responsible for, you’ll empathize with the author’s sentiments.


Blog #2 – Letters to a Young Librarian

This blog is aimed directly at new/newer librarians. I found it very interesting because many of the posts deal with grad school and earning your MLIS. The blog is funny, motivating, and enlightening. Posts are much more prolific than the other blog I followed. I pulled out a few that really resonated with me:

 “Recruitment from the Other Side of the Table”

Great advice for getting and interview and interviewing.

 “What the Heck am I Doing Here?”

How did we end up earning our MLIS? We all have different stories. This author shares the not-so-direct path they took to earning their MLIS.

 “Acronyms, Jargon and Other Obfuscation”

OMG. LOL. Found myself guilty of this. MelCat, OCLC, MLIS, ALA . . . You get the idea!

 “What I Wish I’d Known in Graduate School”

Need I say more?

 “Overcoming Gaps”

This post deals with showing your value and making the transition from a previous career to a life in libraries.

 “It’s Not about Seeing, It’s About Being Seen”

This a succinct blog about the importance of customer service in libraries and staffing the reference desk.

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