Final Reflections

This entire class has been very informative. In my Mid-Semester Analysis and Reflections, I referenced the Ethics project and Professional/Professionalism discussion board that were part of this class. These two assignments still remain the two most valuable assignments. In addition, I really appreciated doing the library visits. This project pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me think differently about the area that I work and live in. There are so many more opportunities out there than I anticipated.

The Team Blog project was another big assignment that made me think that much more about the Library and Information Science field. Please follow the link provided to access my team’s blog about the future of libraries.

I came into this class with a working knowledge of the Library and Information Science field. While many of my perceptions, attitudes, and understanding have remained the same, the depth of my knowledge has increased. I have a broader understanding of Library Science and the knowledge I possess is much deeper. I am able to apply concepts to the real world. I really took the opportunity to analyze the Library Bill of Rights while working on my Ethics project; helping me to understand why my library system has certain policies and procedures in place. I appreciate the role of the information professional more than I did at the beginning of the semester. I value the importance of the Master of Library and Information Science degree. I am excited about future opportunities that will be afforded to me based on the completion of my degree.

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