Revisit Assumptions/Assertions about LIS

I took a look back at one of my first posts “Assertion, Belief, and Assumptions.” In my original post, I focused primarily on the role and importance of libraries and how that is changing. I still feel that the information posted at the beginning of the semester is accurate. I do; however, feel more hopeful than I did at the beginning of the semester.

When I started working on my degree, I was coming in with a very narrow view of Library Science. The only exposure I’ve had to the profession is through my place of employment. While I have learned a lot along the way, I am beginning to recognize biases and prejudices in the information I have been exposed to. I am starting to see the bigger picture and feel much more hopeful about our field as a whole. I have more respect than ever for the Master of Library and Information Science degree and value its place and importance in our field. I no longer feel that this degree will simply be a matter of putting in the time to get the piece of paper. I expect it to be much more than that. When my studies are complete and I have earned my degree, I will feel a great sense of accomplishment and pride.

I have enjoyed working with my colleagues and find it refreshing to be around so many people who are just as excited about this field as I am. It is encouraging to see that we are all thinking about the future of libraries and the role that we will play in them. We realize evolution is necessary and embrace our changing role. We are the future of libraries . . . and our future is bright!

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